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At our events we invite speakers to engage with a wide variety of topics, or we meet for game nights, for creative and artful gatherings, concerts or simply to discuss whatever is currently on our minds.

Quiet Study Spaces

In our house you will find quiet areas for individual studying. You can also book a room free of charge for focused group work or video calls or to attend online lectures. Refuel at our cafeteria, which is equipped with a coffee machine and a soda machine. Expand your horizon with our variety of newspapers and magazines. Or take a time out and relax in the peaceful park behind our house. If you ever feel stressed, overwhelmed or simply need a pep talk to keep going, drop by our counselors’ offices on the second floor.

Prayer & Contemplation

On a weekly basis (during lecture periods) we hold masses at our in-house chapel, or share a moment of prayer and contemplation in the style of Taizé, or we gather for other forms of meditation and worship. In addition, there is a mass (the so-called Hochschulgottesdienst) at the Liebfrauenkirche every Sunday evening 8 pm, to which students are especially invited.

You are most welcome to join. If you are not familiar with these forms of Christian prayer and celebration but would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Magis Small Groups

Small groups consist of about 3-7 students who like to travel the winding roads of student life together, sharing with each other the joys and sorrows of this exciting period of life. “Magis” is Latin for “more”. Magis small groups have a particular focus on Ignatian spirituality, especially on a meditative review of the day which we do at our meetings. Aside from that moment of contemplation, shared meals (very important) :-), reading and discussing a book together, singing, or playing games can also form part of these meetings. Interested in joining a magis small group or want to learn more? Get in touch with us. We like meeting new people.

An Oasis in the Midst of

Busy Student Life.


Meet new people, study together, be heard, reflect on current issues and big questions, deepen your spirituality, get involved and share your passion with others. Our building and park are located right below the ETH-Mensa, next to the Polybahn!

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