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03. Oct 2020





Falknis Hike

From Maienfeld we will begin our ascend to the majestic peak that towers above the Rhine Valley. On the way we will have an Eucharistic celebration outdoors. For our way back to the valley we will take the gondola to Malans. The hike will probably take seven to eight hours. Our expected arrival back in Zurich will be at 6:30 p.m. The number of participants is limited to 15. Requirements are very good physical condition, freedom from vertigo and surefootedness.

All students and adults up to 35 years are invited to this hike.

What to bring: Provisions for the day, good hiking shoes, sun or rain protection depending on the weather, train ticket from Zürich to Maienfeld and from Malans to Zürich – buy the tickets yourself! We will reimburse you a part of the ticket costs.
Meeting point: Sunday, September 27, 06:30 a.m. at the Meeting Point at Zurich Main Station (departure with the train at 06:37 a.m. towards Sargans).
Registration deadline: Thursday, October 1, at .
– For those with stable income: With GA: CHF 12. With Halbtax: CHF 44, Without either: CHF 74.
– For non-earners: With GA: CHF 10. With Halbtax: CHF 30. Without either: CHF 50.
Costs should not discourage you from participating. Get in touch with us, if you have financial concerns.

Responsible: P. Franz-Xaver Hiestand SJ